Top 10 releases of 2008

December 10, 2008

I have compiled a list of my favorite ten albums/releases of 2008 in order to participate in The Hype Machines music blog zeitgeist. Check it out here

While I was trying to come up with my favorites, I kept coming across stuff I thought was new but actually from 07 or 06. It seems I am about a year behind on discovering new albums. But I’ve come up with ten pretty strong ones and here they are:

1. Paul Westerberg- 49:00   Released as a 1 45 minute track you could download for only $1. It was quickly removed from the internet due to copyrights of some of the songs covered. I got it i think the day after it came out from and I love it.

2. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- Rapid Response ep   Another release made available only for download, i think i found it on their website. It was made as a benefit purchase, the proceeds went to charity.

3. Matt Pond PA- The Free ep   Unlike the first two, this ep is available free for anyone to download off their website.

4. Tom Gabel- Heart Burns    These songs were originally performed acoustic and he had the oppurtunity to rework them all and put out a really good first solo release on Sire.

5. Hot Water Music- Till the Wheels Fall Off    A compilation of b-sides, covers, and rare songs released on No Idea.

6. Young Livers- The New Drop Era   Friends of mine released this album early in the year on No Idea.

7. Wolf Parade- At Mount Zoomer   I got this from the library and I think its as good as their previous album. Released on Sub pop.

8. Triumph of Lethargy Skinned alive to death- Old Jail   I don’t actually own this one but from what I’ve heard from it, I really like it. This band keeps getting better over time. From luckyhorse industries.

9. No Age- Nouns   I don’t own this one yet either, but upon listening to them I can easily say this will be one of the best albums of this year. Not sure what label this is on.


10. The Replacements- Let it be (re-issue)   While this should be number one on my list, I couldn’t do that since it is a re-issue. The album first came out in 1984 on Twin/Tone but I had to include this on my list because it is my favorite album by my favorite band ever.


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