happy new year

January 1, 2009

As previously mentioned, I have compiled my list of ten albums that at this point in time last year I had never heard before. Now these albums are some of my favorites ever. Alright, in no particular order here they are:

Bob Dylan- Bringing it all back home

I got really big into Dylan this year and out of all his albums this just might be my favorite. A lot of great songs on here, 2nd place highway 61 revisited.

2. Broken social scene- s/t

This album is amazing. I only heard if for the first time about a month or so ago and I immediately fell in love with it. Not one bad song on the whole thing.

3. Pavement- crooked rain, crooked rain

Really talented band who writes great songs. Each song pretty much flows from beginning to end. 2nd place, wowee zowee.

4. The replacements- hootenanny

This was the last album I had heard from my favorite band and it did not disappoint. Great songs, weird album, classic replacements.

5. The Band- the last waltz

They went from being Bob dylan’s backing band to one of the greatest blues rock bands. Their vocal talent is just incredible. This album is the live recording of their final show after 16 years of touring. Featuring many special guests over the 2 disc set. Wish I could have seen this.

6. Prince & the revolution- Purple Rain soundtrack

What a great fuckin movie. And an amazing soundtrack to go along with it. I don’t really like music like this much, but i don’t know, theres just something about Prince you can’t help but love.

7. Les Savy Fav- Let’s stay friends

They are one of my favorite bands that are still together. I believe this came out in 07 but I had never heard it until this past year. They have a real unique sound and the songs will just blow you away.

8. Bob dylan- no direction home soundtrack

Ok I know i already have dylan on my list, but I had to include this too. The movie/documentary brought together some really old and unreleased songs, as well as a ton of great live recordings. Listening to this is like watching the movie. It is a must see for Dylan fans.

9. Archers of Loaf- Icky mettle

Another band with their own unique sound. I had only heard one song from this album before I finally came across it at the library. Since then it has gone on to become one of my favorite albums. I think this came out in the early 90s

10. Led Zeppelin- s/t

Finally, some zeppelin. What an amazing album. From the first song to the last song, this one is just too much. If there was any band that I wish I could have been in, it would be them.

There you have it, internet, 10 great albums not from 2008 that I hadn’t heard before 2008. I hope everybody had a great new years eve and happy 2009!