We cleaned and sliced 2 artichokes and a bunch of brussels sprouts, roasted them in the oven for a while with tomatoes, thyme, salt and pepper. We forgot to get lemons too, that would have been perfect. But these with a side of veg crumble helper, delicious.


The following night we took whole wheat flatbread and made our own pizzas. On them are broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, homemade sauce, onions, parmesan and parano cheeses. We had a side of something else with these, but I don’t remember. Two great dinners in a row. Working on another one right now!



Veat Pandan Chicken Bites

February 22, 2009

Just got done eating these for lunch. I can only find this brand at the local Asian market. These are great, so tasty. Just put them in the toaster oven. Chicken-style soy protein individually wrapped in real Pandan leaves that you have to peel of before eating.


More Tilapia & Breakfast

February 22, 2009

Got another tilapia dish here from the night before last. Again we baked it in the cast-iron skillet but this time with citrus, onions, and ginger. It was really good, along with the sides of brussels sprouts and asparagus, and rice (from a box)


This is a picture from this morning. We were both pretty hungover from going out last night so we cooked up some omelets. Mine was stuffed with tempeh, peppers, onions, and cheese. On the side, broiled tomatoes.


Hers was much prettier than mine. An egg white omelet filled with peppers, onions, cheese, salsa maybe?, and avocado.


Two nights ago we went to the Asian market and bought a bunch of veggies and ingredients to make a great dinner. In this soup was: daikon, green beans, onion, tomato, carrots, baby bok choy, chinese broccoli and these delicious veg chicken nuggets. Really good soup for a cold night.


And then last night we stopped and got some stuff to make baked tilapia with lime and orange, also sides of sauteed peppers and spanish rice. Another winner dinner.


Crazy Pizza

February 16, 2009

So I was bored the other night and thought about ordering pizza. Instead I just took a frozen boboli crust and topped it with a bunch of stuff I already had. It came out pretty good and it was free HA!

It has cherry tomatoes, asparagus, morningstar chikn nuggets, veg hot dog, cheese, and 2 eggs over easy. I think thats it…hpim1329


February 14, 2009

I’ve been really busy, we haven’t been cooking at home too much. Here is something we made a couple weeks ago. Straight out of Minnesota this is called shipwreck. Its a casserole with veg crumbles, onions, potatoes, corn, peas, one can of tomato soup, and topped with biscuits. hpim1312