Grilling Week

May 29, 2009

All this week on Food Network every show is about grilling. This really has gotten us in the mood to grill any night it hasn’t been raining. The first night we took a whole rack of pork spareribs and grilled them with corn, tomatoes, onions, and scallions. This was great.


Tonight we decided to go all out since we just got paid. Crab legs, shrimp, andouille sausage, asparagus, scallions, tomatoes, and corn. This was probably the best meal we have ever cooked. I am still so full. This is what it looked like on the table.



Hangover Breakfast

May 25, 2009

Last night we had a small party with some friends over to see the new house, in honor of Memorial Day / our first 2 day weekend. Needless to say, there was some drinking that went on. After everybody left we almost ordered pizza, but in the end we realized we were too tired to wait. So we got up this morning and had a nice big breakfast. From left to right, we had: Croissant French toast, maple turkey keilbasa, hash browns, bacon, and scrambled eggs with Quesso Fresca. I am still really full, but strangely getting hungry again looking at this picture.


OK its official. After 9 years of being a pretty strict non-meat eater, I have joined the real world of food again and started eating meat. Among the things i’ve had so far: BLT, keilbasa, and this. We took chicken thighs and roasted them in the oven with onions and garlic. When almost done, we added some BBQ sauce while they finished cooking. For sides we had baked beans with keilbasa and corn on the cob.


This was kind of a meal we threw together with ingredients already around the house. Took some corn, cauliflower, chickpeas, tomatoes and cilantro, cooked them with curry. Then put it all over brown rice with salt, pepper, and a little siracha. Really simple & delicious.


The other night we spotted some fresh never frozen salmon at the seafood counter and quickly bought it. We placed it in a cast iron pan with some fresh ginger, lemons, cilantro, onions, and a touch of honey. Baked covered for 15 minutes, took the cover off for 15 more, and you have this: