Bone Marrow

August 23, 2009


Hey pizza club, I didn’t forget about you. I have just been very busy this summer. Also, my camera has been giving me a really hard time lately. It doesn’t turn on most of the time and when it does turn on I can get about 1 good picture before it tells me the batteries are dead. I need to invest in a new camera soon.

So anyway, last night we decided to try cooking up some bone marrow. We incorporated it into the sauce that was poured over these steaks. It also had sauteed mushrooms, Stilton, and arugula. On the side, baked potatoes and fresh tomatoes. This was really good. Very filling.

It has inspired us to start something new. Each weekend we will pick some new ingredient that we are not familiar with cooking, figure out how to cook it, and make something delicious out of it. Its gonna be fun.