Best dishes 2009

June 16, 2010

Was going through the pictures tonight. And here we have Patricia & I’s best plates of the year. Enjoy

Romaine heart salad with toasted hazelnuts, pecorino romano, dried apricot, panchetta, tuscan olive oil

Cavatelli and butternut squash with fried sage and cream

Rabbit with braised fennel and onions, crispy potatoes, tarragon cream sauce

Sweet figs, arugula, bleu cheese, fresh blueberries

Seared scallops, cauliflower puree, basil and scallions

Gruyere stuffed lamb meatball, creamy potatoes, pan sauce

Smoked turkey, duck, and chicken egg roll with duck fat hollandaise and seared romaine

Salmon ceviche with fennel and lemon

Flank steak with pebre, olives, roasted potatoes

Seared shrimp, boiled egg, tomato, potato and olives

Fried artichoke and chickpeas

Endive, pumpkin seeds, cranberry, avocado and fried chevre

Seared duck breast, hollandaise, parsnip mash, braised celery

For some reason This post was only saved as a ‘draft’ until today. So here it is PUBLISHED

I will be posting more now that I have some spare time (in between jobs) and have my motivation back for taking pictures of what we cook (and grow, we put a vegetable garden in). Luckily I have taken a few pictures over the past 8 months, but i’m sad to say I didn’t capture everything. Too bad. Better pick up where I left off then. I will write up a recap post soon.


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